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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bird Cake Recipe

Bird Cake

(I call mine Robin Cake because they literally go mad for it).


First make a crumble mix with plain flour and margarine ( or butter if you are rich).
Rub in half fat to plain flour with hands or in mixer – as much as you want, I generally make a Delia Smith recipe and leave a fair amount over when making one just for the two of us.
Add oats, any fresh or dried fruit, nuts of any kind, whole or ground, but not salted, cake or biscuit crumbs, breadcrumbs, grated cheese, cereal, anything really that birds like. Add any oil you may have lurking in a frying pan or similar. Suet goes down very well.  Raid the fridge and your cupboards for suitable additions.
Add a little water to bind and then roll in oats (or flour if you have no oats) so it is reasonably firm and not sticky. Make a nice cake shape.  No need to harden in the fridge (!)  -   just stick it out on the bird table, preferably one in view of a window.
Watch it disappear.



Fennie said...

Sounds good, Cait. I think our birds must be too well fed as they prefer almost anything to bird food.

Frances said...

Cait, I do like the looks of both the Bird Cake and your glorious snowscape.

No snow here in New York, but it is sooooo cold. Well below freezing this week. No relief until sometime around next Wednesday.

Outdoor pedestrian activity is being severely limited.


Pam said...

How lovely Cait - and thoughtful.
I am always perplexed that in our searing Australian summer temperatures happening while you freeze over there, more people do not feature birdbaths in their garden - the birds are so appreciative of a cool splash and drink. It wouldn't take much.

Freda said...

No snow here, but the birds are company on a grey day. I was charmed by your little Irish Folk Furniture video -thanks for that!

Vee said...

I'm making this cake today. I found leftover bacon drippings in the fridge and I know that that will be a wonderful treat. We had a bear on the deck not long ago, but I don't think that this would attract them now. It's much too cold and any self-respecting bear is fast asleep in her cave. I hope.

Dave King said...

Sounds good to me!

Mairéad said...

Thanks for this -must try it.

Writing from the Edge said...

This sounds delicious, Cait - a much more luxurious version of the one I make for my birds! You have inspired me to post along similar lines, especially as there has been discontent in the bird ranks recently! I have put a link on my post to yours!

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

I'm behind in reading and just saw this! Thank you, thank you chirps all of my birdies! This sounds so fab, they have munched their way through so many fat balls over this cold spell. Off to cook for them, and break the ice on the bird bath again! Minerva ~