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Friday, 11 May 2012

Stumbling on art

Dear Diary,

An out of the ordinary day today as it hasn't rained! I have spent a whole morning in the garden catching up with the weeds which have run away like mad all over the place. It actually feels like early summer, well perhaps I exaggerate, it feels like a not too cold spring day and I did actually take my coat and hat off. It is now four o'clock and still no rain, I can't believe it and even the sun is shining occasionally albeit in a feeble manner.

I seem to have writer's block lately and long for inspiration - I have been spending hours on genealogy which is usually a winter or bad weather pursuit but the weather of late has reduced me to returning to it; something I never mind as it is a passion of mine, one which I share with my daughter.  First thing this morning I hopped on to the computer and stumbled upon a good website which features pictures by forgotten or not very well known artists. What led me to it was the fact that I was doing a random image search on Google because M and I had been discussing a little print that we have, - we had been talking about Ireland and the plight of unmarried mothers (not that many years ago) which is a subject very close to my heart.  This led me to seek out the very picture online which we have on the wall in our snug, just a small print given to me by dear relatives who had been visiting the National Art gallery in Dublin.

The Wash House
 Frederick Orpen

Then as I Googled around, delighting in the visual, I found this site Art Inconnu which features works of art by under-appreciated artists from many countries. I whiled away a multitude of minutes selecting countries from a list and choosing my favourites. Those below are by an Irish artist and are in fact embroidered art which I found quite amazing.

Phoebe Anna Traquair (1852 - 1936)

"The Victory" (1899-1902.) Panel 4 of "The Progress of a Soul" (1893-1901.) Silk, gold and silver thread embroidery on linen. National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh. Detail below.

"The Salvation of Mankind" Silk and gold thread on linen, 1885-93. City art Centre, Edinburgh.

Panels 1, 3 and a detail of 3.

Anyway, that is all for today, I hope to return soon with more of interest,
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


Margie said...

Hi Cait, great post, I love the embroidery art, and love nothing better than spending a few hours in the National Gallery in Dublin. Go mbeannaĆ­ Dia is Muire duit. Margie.

Pondside said...

Just the thought of living near a National Gallery - what a treat it would be to be able to drop in whenever one liked. The two first images are quite poignant, aren't they?
You seem to be really enjoying the genealogy, as am I. One fork in the road leads to another and one is off on another chase in no time!

CAMILLA said...

Dear Cait,

I have found your blog.! could not understand why I could not find you and now see your have edited a different format. Sincere apologies for not catching up with you, think I have writers block too and black dog since my family have returned back home to Surrey, still missing them.

Wonderful to be visiting the Art Gallery, like you I have a passion for art too. Continual good luck with your Genealogy search Cait. My son's partner is helping me with doing the family tree as far back as we can go now that their baby daughter has been born.

Love Camilla.x