Alexander Averin

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Hope is the thing with feathers on that perches in the soul 
and sings the word without the song and never stops at all.

Emily Dickinson


For once the morning news item was a
real awakening; I heard of hearts honed
with love, many supermarket shoppers
vieing with each other to purchase blocks
of wood engraved with Hope for charity,.

Later.  Waiting in the queue I peered in
others’ trolleys.  I spotted Blocks of Hope
propped up on their shopping. Blocks of Peace had
sold out and were on order (the waiting
list is growing). My pulse and pace quickened:
I had visions of blocks of recycled
wood taking over the world; it seemed the
stuff of dreams as I raced to grab a block
of beech, a plaque of pine, or some such piece
of born-again wood, With prize in hand I
waited my turn to check out; I  became
inspired as I pondered the alphabet,  
fired by the power of feelings and words.

Ask, Believe,Care, Dare.
Embrace Faith, Grace,
Hope and Inspiration,
Justice and Kindness,
Love and Mindfulness.
Nurture Open-Mindedness,
Peace, Quiet,
Retreat, Silence,
Truth and Understanding.

Value Wonder.

It all started with Hope,
(without it we are nothing).

What will you buy today?

Cait O’Connor


Vee said...

That's a creative fundraiser. I'm so glad that we don't have to purchase those ideals. I'm afraid that they would be well beyond my price range. But oh to reach out and take them as my own and walk in them.

That poem is a clever distillation with a unique twist. It zings.

Cait O'Connor said...

Can anyone help me? I am stuck in this new template and have no 'buttons' to get me back home!

Vee said...

No buttons? Did you get it figured out, Cait? It's so annoying all these changes.

Cait O'Connor said...

I did get back 'home' in the end, thanks going to draft Blogger. I agree these changes are annoying and unnecessary.

ds said...

Value Wonder. Oh, my, yes. Thank you.

Susan said...

Lovely poem.

Ruth said...

It's possible. Imagine! Hope!