Alexander Averin

Friday, 23 March 2012


Ts'ui Po (960-1279)


Was it the Spring Equinox which crept up
on me for once, unannounced, unnoticed?

Was it Ancestors wafting past me, their
scents attar of roses and tobacco?

Was it their heartfelt messages of Love
or was it simply Time, whose  power, like Sleep,
or Silence, is so underrated, its
healing balm freely given, so often
wasted; always the best thing, not just to
measure my days, but a cure for  malaise?

Was it a loved one's Healing Circle which
bade me fall to sleep so suddenly and
wake refreshed; did their sorcery move me
on from living in that hateful place called Limbo?

Was I so haunted by past pain and hurt
that the Spring's New Moon took me by surprise?
So softly she held me, nursing me gently,
close to her breast, tempting me to feed, to
hope, to believe and rise with her again.

Cait O’Connor


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

to read this poem is to feel healed. It's just beautiful.

I hope these words have sprung from a good feeling of healing for you.

Vee said...

I'm so glad that you are "waking" and finding that you have come through this time and are feeling so much better. Spring is a good time to feel alive and well.

Frances said...

Cait, may I first say what a beautiful ancient Asian bunny you show us.

May I then send you sweet wishes to you for your farewell to Finn.

May I then say that it's grand that you have gotten past that surgery. May your recovery be steady and true.

And then, might I tell you how much I love your poetry.

Climate wise, this does seem to be an odd spring. On the other hand, we are being treated to many lovely days of warmth and the opportunity to see plants large and small give us lovely blooms that we can enjoy. Let's hope that these early bloomings will also bring their bearing plants many more strong spring seasons.


Dave King said...

I found this very haunting and lyrical. A lovely poem.

Chris Stovell said...

Cait, you seem to have been through the wringer . I do apologise for missing the news of your op and feel for your loss. My best wishes to you for your continued healing. cx

TF said...

Love the poem Cait. Safe recovery :) TFX

ds said...

Beautiful, Cait. The final stanza in particular just blew me away. Thank you.

Cottage Garden said...

Wonderful poem Cait. Yes, Spring is a healing season; of growth and renewal, and Time - so precious and a gift also, allowing us to heal, accept and forgive. Hope springs eternal.


Bovey Belle said...

How beautiful that poem is, and such healing words. A true balm to soul and body.

Pam said...

Have arrived late here Cait to hear about your recovery from surgery, and the loss of Finn. Sending warm thoughts of healing your way. The line of ancestors with the waft of attar of roses and akso tobacco blew me away. I catch that often and know they are around.

Pondside said...

Cait, I'm so sorry to read that you have lost your dear Finn. A stalwart companion, a dear friend, a loyal keeper-of-secrets - you must miss him and I feel for you.
So, you've been away, had an operation and are now home recuperating - whew! That's a lot! I hope that you are recovering as well and as quickly as you hope to.

Ruth said...

What gorgeously posed questions, knowing spring surprised you with joy. I have heard others express it this year. Our winter was mild, and Europe's was harsh.

Anyway, what a beautiful poem you've written, expressing this.

Scriptor Senex said...

The picture of the Hare reminds me to some extent of one done by Albrecht Durer.

CAMILLA said...

A beautiful Poem Cait. I so hope you are feeling better after your Op. Continual healing best wishes to you dear Cait.