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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Michael D Higgins

Michael D Higgins

So Ireland has a new president. The marvellous Mary Mcaleese who has been such an excellent representative of Ireland will indeed be a very hard act to follow but I was pleased to hear that Michael D Higgins has been elected and by such a huge margin. Perhaps it could only happen in Ireland that a poet could be a President though he is much more than that of course but it did make me happy to learn that he is one. He is also decribed as being without charisma - don't you just love that? And he is seventy years old to boot.   He is a proper socialist, an anti-war campaigner and a fighter for human rights and I particularly loved his statement that he wants to 'create an intellectual space' in our dear country.  God bless him.

Here is one of his poems.

When Will My Time Come?

When will my time come for scenery

And will it be too late?

After all

Decades ago I was never able

To get excited

About filling the lungs with ozone

On Salthill Prom.

And when the strangers

To whom I gave a lift

Spoke to me of the extraordinary

Light in the Western sky;

I often missed its changes.

And, later, when words were required

To intervene at the opening of Art Exhibitions,

It was not the same.

What is this tyranny of head that stifles

The eyes, the senses,

All play on the strings of the heart.

And, if there is a healing,

It is in the depth of a silence,

Whose plumbed depths require

A journey through realms of pain

That must be faced alone.

The hero, setting out,

Will meet an ally at a crucial moment.

But the journey home

Is mostly alone.

When my time comes

I will have made my journey

And through all my senses will explode

The evidence of light

And air and water, fire and earth.

Michael D Higgins


e said...

A lovely poem and let's hope Mr. Higgins keeps that promise and stays true to his principles, a rarity amongst politicians.

Frances said...

Cait, I was hoping that you'd do a post on the election results.

A poet become a what other country has this been possible?

Did anyone predict Mr Higgins' victory before election day, or was it a surprise? Will he have support from other parts of the government?

I am ignorant in the ways that other countries' governments are formed, and so do not know just how much power/influence might be attached to the Higgins victory.

Cait...hoping that you are feeling better with regard to your very own health. xo

Margie said...

Cait, thank you for posting about Micheal D. I am proud that he was elected, I gave him my number 1.I felt that he has true Irishness at his core. I really hope he will be an inspiration to so many who have lost trust in the political system here. I was so heartened to hear his speech, his aspirations and future hopes with equality, diversity and inclusion along with arts and culture running throughout. Big hugs, Margie.

Mark said...

You wrote: He is a proper socialist, an anti-war campaigner and a fighter for human rights and he wants to 'create an intellectual space' in our dear country.

Don't suppose he could also stand for the UK parliament!