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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Positives and Revisitings

Dear Diary,

I have just heard of three recent deaths in the local area, two of which were young people, it is so sad.  Round here everyone knows everyone so any death touches the whole community.  Bad news doesn’t seem right on such a beautiful morning.  Why do such sad things have to happen and why in threes?  I can only believe they have all gone to a better place, a clich√© I know but I am sure it is true.

Just for today as we say in Reiki circles I will try and dwell on the positives here on Earth.  It is a beautiful spring day and I will not tarry long as the outdoors is calling me.  I have already been out to my local garage, they did a small job on the exhaust pipe of my car and have not charged me a penny; this is the  third time they have done this sort of thing.  Isn’t it wonderful that in today’s Rip-Off Britain there are still some folk left who are not out to fleece you.  A good start to the day.

I have just re-read Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn for my book club, it was such a joy.  I am not one to re-read books very often but Toibin’s way with storytelling just flows, his writing is superb.   If you haven’t read him yet please do.  He is one of my favourite writers; I admit that so many of my faves are Irish authors, it is not bias, it is just that the Irish love words so much and weave them so well. I am now re-reading another - Annie Dunne by Sebastian Barry.  I almost bathe in his prose; I just have to stop and go back to re-read his words, they are so poetic. 

Talking of writing I have set up a blog for our writing group members as a place to post our homework and leave each other comments.  Just because I like a change I have ventured into Wordpress (ssssshhhhhh don’t tell Blogger) but although it all seems very professional I am a real Wordpress virgin still finding my way on there.  We are starting to post all our old bits of ‘homework’ and it struck me how many pieces of work are there which proves that the group is worthwhile and does indeed spur us on to write.  The blog will remain firmly private, open only to members.

I am still tired from the clocks springing forward. I can’t go to bed on time,  I can’t get up in the morning and I look like death warmed up.  I am on the genealogy trail once more, not my family but someone else’s - she has a close relative with a bit of a mysterious past.  It’s a case of burning the midnight oil with this one,  I think I should have been a detective.  My daughter is on the case too; perhaps we should set up in business…….

I received two lovely cards yesterday.  One was this picture by Gu We, a new-to-me artist, isn't it lovely when you discover a new one? I have posted one of his pics as my new header above........

and one by John Shannon, a tree-free card not this one but the one I received I can't find online.

What else am I looking forward to today on this day-off  work day? 

A CD soon arriving in the post by Gurrumul, so haunting, it reaches deep into my soul.  I have posted this before but it must be a time for revisiting,

Spending some time in the garden in the sunshine.  I have treated myself to a new garden bench - my present very cheap one is starting to crumble and the new one should be delivered soon so when I am tired from gardening I can try it out.

Reading more Annie Dunne of course, also in the sunshine, if it lasts.

Watching the birds nesting from my window;  several species are busy at the moment and I shall need to get the binoculars out.

Visiting my daughter and granddaughters later (I have to keep them supplied with reading matter).

I had better go,
Enjoy your moments today.
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


Vee said...

Enjoy your garden, Cait. Warming up in the sun is a good tonic. A new private blog for a group of writers sounds excellent, a safe place to share and discuss. Happy reading!

Kath said...

It is lovely and sunny here today and I have walked my legs off LOL
First, I went across the fields with the dogs, then pushed a lady round the town in her wheelchair. I am sooo enjoying a sit down now :-D

Erin in Morro Bay said...

"I almost bathe in his prose" - a wonderful evocative phrase!
Beautiful here today on the California Central Coast as well, rafts of daffodils and tulips spilling down to the azure sea.

Mark said...

It's lovely here in Wiltshire but I long to get to back to wales - roll on the weekend.

Frances said...

Hello Cait. I just want to have more time to read marvelous posts like yours, to be able to take hours of walks in Central Park to reassure me that spring is springing, and to even get that blasted sketchbook open while I have a pencil handy.

Do keep up your own writing, and post wherever it suits you.

I am always glad to see you've clicked on that post/submit button.

Oh, just thought that we could do lots of post about those two words, post and submit!


Toni aka irishlas said...

We are finally getting touches of spring - sunshine, mild weather. Since I'm still minding my back she is a bit of a tease.

Enjoy the lovely weather and when your new garden bench arrives I hope you have time to sit and enjoy spring with a good book.

Bluestocking Mum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bluestocking Mum said...

Sorry that's me deleting the comment. I forgot to say something.

Like the thought of dwelling on the positives here on earth. That has a lovely resonance to it.

I've just joined a writing group so will look at your new blog for the group members of your group.

What I forgot to say before I clicked is that I love to read Sebastian Faulks and have read all his novels. I particularly loved hotel Lion d'Or and Charlotte Gray. And I love many Irish authors. Maggie O'Farrell and Kate O'Riordan are my favourites. I don't know if you've read any of their works but I think you may like them if not.

Good to catch up and as always, warm wishes

Fire Byrd said...

It is a stunning day here.And I've only come in for a now late expected phone call!
The vacumm is sitting in the middle of the hall being ignored, the lure of the warm sun is to much. Who needs a clean house when the day is lovely.

Fennie said...

I am another who suffers jet lag every time the clocks change. Takes me at least a week to adjust. Curiously my body clock seems to think the clocks have gone back, rather than forward. Do you find this? Beautiful day here.

Anna May said...

Hello Cait, I'm enjoying your blog and have to agree with you about Brooklyn. Colm Toibin's prose is so understated yet sticky - it stays with you. I read the book last year and nothing has matched it since.

Anna May x

CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

A wonderful Post. How strange Cait, I was only thinking about reserving Colm Toibin's book just recently.! can't wait to read it.

Good idea about the writing for the Group Members Cait.

Enjoy your beautiful garden Cait, lovely Spring weather we are having at present, such a wonderful season.