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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day Dreaming

On a St Patrick's Day's morning
I can only dream myself home
back to that Irish mountain's precious stream
amongst carpets of sweet celandine
with purple violets at their edge,
peeping shyly, hiding coyly
 and so timid in their beauty.

Daffodils, full-on bright yellow,
  not the least bit bashful,
compete with primroses
along the river’s bank.

And all around is greening
and every plant and shrub is budding,
simply bursting into life.

And all the while the river sings her song
and birds join in the chorus as she flows.

And I detect a brightness in the tune,
a tinkling sound of joy rings in its melody,
as if the whole of Nature loves an Irish Spring
and all can feel God’s beauty in its midst.

Cait O'Connor

And just for you on this special day here is a poem by the late John O'Donohue, one I have posted before but make no apologies for doing so again.


On the day when
the weight deadens
on your shoulders
and you stumble,
may the clay dance
to balance you.
And when your eyes
freeze behind
the grey window
and the ghost of loss
gets in to you,
may a flock of colours,
indigo, red, green,
and azure blue
come to awaken in you
a meadow of delight.
When the canvas frays
in the currach of thought
and a stain of ocean
blackens beneath you,
may there come across the waters
a path of yellow moonlight
to bring you safely home.
May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
may the clarity of light be yours,
may the fluency of the ocean be yours,
may the protection of the ancestors be yours.

And so may a slow
wind work these words
of love around you,
an invisible cloak
to mind your life.

John O'Donohue
(From his book Echoes of Memory)
And here is an extra treat, an interview which took place in 2005 with dear John O'Donohue, God rest his soul.

On Beauty.
Click on the link below.

(Pic by Barrie Maguire)


gaelikaa said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Cait!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

We are celebrating here, too. Even though we're Scottish! And thanks so much for the John O'Donohue. I only discovered him after he passed away, and I'm so sorry about that. He's quickly become a hero of mine.

Fire Byrd said...

Two inspirational poems to brighten the grey start to rhe day.
Although my day did start earlier with a walk and stop.The numbers of birds singing so sweetly in the early morning mist just lifted my soul
Thank you for both, the colours are whoosing round my brain in a cacophony of beauty.

Dave King said...

Fascinating Einstein quote. I didn't know it, but it is 100% true.

CAMILLA said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you dear Cait.

We have been blessed with two beautiful Poems. Thank you for sharing with us.

I knew very little of John O'Donohue, another wonderful Poet to read Cait.

I love the Header to your post Cait, is it a Monet Painting?


Fennie said...

Yes, and a Happy St Patrick's Day and himself will be there all decked out in green, the way you wouldn't see him against the grass and taking care of you and watching over you and your poetry and the little stream in the county where you were born.

Norma Murray said...

Lovely poems again Cait, and best wishes from West Sussex.

Bonnie said...

Oh the purr of dear John O'Donohue's voice offering his soothing words of wisdom - the perfect balm for worried, weary souls. Thank you. You have directed me to the books I need to pull off of the shelf this evening.

mOnTy said...

Wuaw I loved your blog. I'll be back. Thanks for sharing.

Vee said...

Oh that's wonderful, Cait. I so enjoyed your poem and your featured poem and the picture is a delight. Did you write the poem in response to it? It's such a perfect complement.

Nora said...

Happy St Patrick's Day, Cait. You do always have lovely poems. For a Welsh woman, you have a lot of Irish blood running through you veins, by the way.

Mark said...

Have a good St Patricks day - sorry, got to dash.

Posie said...

Cait I really love the words chosen by the late John Donohue, such an amazing piece of work. Happy St Patrick's Day to you, I hope you had a good day. I adore the painting at the top of your blog, fantastic colours, it is so alive.

Talli Roland said...

Beautiful poem, Cait. Hope you had a great St Patrick's Day!


Discovered John O'Donohue's work last year and have just finished Anam Cara which I loved. Nice to read his poem here - thanks.