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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Kathy's Song

This song, 'K' in my alphabet of songs, is from one of the first LP's I ever bought and is one of my favourite Paul Simon songs. He wrote it for Kathleen Mary (which happens to be my name!) who was a girl he met at his first ever gig in England, in Brentwood in Essex. They had a relationship and she went to the USA with him but then returned to England.

Kathy's Song

I hear the drizzle of the rain
Like a memory it falls
Soft and warm continuing
Tapping on my roof and walls.

And from the shelter of my mind
Through the window of my eyes
I gaze beyond the rain-drenched streets
To England where my heart lies.

My mind's distracted and diffused
My thoughts are many miles away
They lie with you when you're asleep
And kiss you when you start your day.

And a song I was writing is left undone
I don't know why I spend my time
Writing songs I can't believe
With words that tear and strain to rhyme.

And so you see I have come to doubt
All that I once held as true
I stand alone without beliefs
The only truth I know is you.

And as I watch the drops of rain
Weave their weary paths and die
I know that I am like the rain
There but for the grace of you go I.

Paul Simon


Frances said...

Cait, that's a grand song.

On to L. I met her in a pub down in ...

Come on, you know you'd like to sing along!

This a - z in song is a grand idea. xo

Cottage Garden said...

Love this song Cait - beautiful guitar playing - in fact I love the whole LP and like you, it was among the first I ever bought with my Saturday job money! It's one of those iconic album covers that you never forget.

Happy weekend.


DJ Kirkby said...

Such a beautiful song, I know it but have never read all the words before.

CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

This is a beautiful song, I remember buying their LP many years ago when it first came out and it sold out almost straight away.


CAMILLA said...

Nearly into the letter 'L', can remember buying my very first 45' inch record in London of The Beatles, Love Me Do - year 62, their first record too, happy days.!


mollygolver said...

I love everything by S&G. Thank you Cait, this is a lovely song

Nan said...


Pam said...

He really writes so well, so beautifully. A tender song or two would not go astray these days. Times have changed with techno-beats and rauncy videos, but that was just beautiful. Thank you (and also for enlightening me on the history behind the song).

alison said...

I love this song too, along with the whole album. I always like to hear the real stories behind songs - thanks for sharing!