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Friday, 2 April 2010

Alphabet of Songs 'C'

Dear Diary,

Well it is time for ‘C’.

I had suggestions from Pamela for Caledonia which I am ashamed to say I had never heard before but as I am Irish not Scottish I feel I cannot pick that one and she and another also suggested Catch the Wind by Donovan (I love that one).

I had a great Kinks song suggested too (Come Dancing) and another song I had never heard of called Calling All Angels.

I love Candy by the fantastic Paolo Nutini (and my son sings it beautifully too).

A dear friend suggested California Dreaming, oh it is so hard to choose.

I came up with Candle in the Wind as I an a fan of Elton and especially Bernie Taupin's lyrics but it’s a bit ‘obvious’ I suppose. I like La Cienega smiled too by Ryan Adams but I guess that is an ’L’ not a ‘C’.

I asked M for a suggestion last night and straightaway he suggested this song which I adore.

Can’t Help Falling in Love with You!
(Where did that come from?).

(I was worried the song starts with an ‘I’ but it doesn’t).

There are three cracking versions on YouTube in my opinion:

Elvis of course - the song IS Elvis’s really don’t you think?

Celine Dion - I had never heard her sing it before and I was blown away by her unique rendition. I have already asked in my next life to have a really lovely singing voice and to possess the power that Celine has in her voice.

Finally I stumbled upon Andrea Bocelli’s version. I already LOVE this man’s voice and I must admit that only this version brought a tear to my eye.

So I am posting all three and would love you to vote for your favourite. Or do tell me if you have any other ‘C’ suggestions.

(Sorry about the big gaps between videos, had a bit of trouble posting).

Bye for now,
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


bodran... said...

Cait look on you tube for caledonia by paulo nutini it's lovely..
my c one is "CARRY ON REGARDLESS" by the beautiful south xx

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wonderful choice, Cait!
I'd pick Elvis. You can't beat a classic.
You know, I once heard Bruce Springsteen do a simple version of this in concert. It was the most beautiful thing.

What about Don't Sleep in the Subway by Petula Clark for the letter "D"?

Pondside said...

No contest - Andrea Bocelli!! I can't abide Celine, Canadian or not.

Fennie said...

It has to be Elvis for me - being of that age and listening to the voice on an old stand up and beg valve radio that lit up the darkness of my bedroom. I also saw the film when it first appeared. Celine Dion sounds as though she is being strangled! Poor girl.

Candle in the Wind is great. Then there's Chicago, Can't Buy me Love,
California Girls, Mmmm its hard to think up new ones.

Fran said...

No contest. Elvis every, every time. His voice is like velvet.

CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

I love all three, but adore Andrea Bocelli, so would choose that one. Elvis version has always been a favourite of my husband's too.!


Anonymous said...

I had never heard the Celine one either... it is beautiful!

DJ Kirkby said...

I adore the sound of Paulo Nuttini's voice, his songs are fab but he is most peculiar in concert. When we went to see him, he never stood up straight even once while he was performing.