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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Favourites - A Meme

A favourite picture by Monet, a favourite artist

Dear Diary,

My heart? that's my second favourite organ.
Woody Allen,

I promised to do this meme for dear Frances so here goes.

I think it will be a disappointment though, so apologies in advance.

Five favourite songs?

I am no good at favourites because I find it impossible to choose a favourite anything, I just cannot whittle down my many many loves to just one. I suppose it’s a bit like when you have children, or grandchildren… you could never have a favourite, you would never have one as you love them all equally don’t you?

And I have favourite songs that change frequently. At the moment there are two.

Ohio see previous blog and you can hear it there as well.

I have really fallen in love with a voice and its song though and it is Gurrumul singing Wyathul and you can hear that as well on a previous blog (see below).

I am currently into Paolo Nutini as well and love his song Candy. You can hear that in a previous blog as well. My son sings this one now and does a brilliant job with it.

Johnny Walker has been presenting Wogan’s morning show on Radio 2 for the last fortnight and he has of course been playing excellent music. I don’t dislike Terry Wogan but I do wish Johnny would take over the programme, it would be nice to get rid of the inane and sometimes vulgar schoolboy humour that is on Wogan’s slot now and the lack of good music to boot.

I am digressing as usual.

Other songs I have enjoyed this week?

My son has written a new song which I love and it is on my brain.

I have Paul Brady in my CD player and also the highly underrated Jack Savoretti. I have just been listening to Foreigner’s I want to know what Love Is, that is one of my Desert Island Discs (I will blog those one day).

Five Films?

Even harder this one. I don’t watch a lot of films.

Waiting to be watched is On the Black Hill, the book by Bruce Chatwin is a classic, you must read it. Also waiting is the Jane Austen Book Club. The last film I watched was with my youngest granddaughter and it was The Yes Man with Jim Carey, we both enjoyed it, it was funny but kind of had a message too.

These are the latest films I have enjoyed.
  • The Yes Man
  • Sixty-six
  • The Changeling
  • The Constant Gardener
  • The Duchess
  • Taken
  • Ghost Town (Ricky Gervaise)
  • Nights in Rodanth

Five Crushes?

Hells Bells this is hard. I don’t know if I ever had a crush on anyone? I must have done back in the mists of time, but so long ago I can’t remember.

If it has to be a crush on a person I certainly don’t have any now, no-one springs to mind at all, I must be getting old. I admire some people, the Dalai Lama, Tony Benn, Nelson Mandela for example and I had a soft spot for Spike Milligan. I like the aforementioned Johnny Walker. I like Barack Obama too, he is so eloquent in his speech and in his writing and I like what he has to say.

Now I suppose I have crushes on songs, singers, musicians, poets, writers, artists, things of beauty.

Five Random Things?

Things that make life worth living I guess.

For me they are

Nature's beauty
Last but not least,
definitely not least
And yes that makes Six.

And finally,

Sorry it was so boring and unimaginative.

Bye for now,


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It wasn't boring in the least and it was informative as well...for I was not aware that On The Black Hill had been made into a film! What a marvelous book. I shall be interested in seeing what the movie is like!!

ds said...

I agree--this was not at all boring. There's a new movie to watch (and book to read), and your five/six "random things" are perfect. Thank you.

lampworkbeader said...

Not disappointing at all and I totally agree with you about Johnny Walker. I only listen to Wogan when it's Mr Walker, if you follow me.

Frances said...

Ahh Cait, I do thank you for taking up the challenge. Like you, I might have found listing quintets of favorites easier when I was younger. Life has become richer and more complex as I have grown older. Not so easy to think in categories ....

All the same, your choices will introduce me to some new opportunities to broaden my interests.

Best wishes! xo

Pipany said...

But it's not Cait. It gives another insight into you. Few films I haven't come across there too x


Great Meme :) TFX

seashell cosmos said...

Hi Cait :) hey, no way this isn't boring at all. Oh yeah, we just watched Yes Man and I agree about the message. Jim Carey is one of our favorite actors!!

CAMILLA said...

If anyone is boring, it definately is NOT you dear Cait.

I so enjoyed reading your Favourites A Meme. Love the painting by Monet, this artist is one my favourites too.

Had not heard of The Constant Gardener film Cait, shall seek it out, thank you.


Lane said...

Not boring at all and I love that last poem.

Elizabeth said...

Loved your thoughtful lists
and the poem.
Frances is indeed a wonderful person.

As for ancient crushes
I adored the actor Robert Powell
who was in Ken Russell's Mahler
and Christ in , I think Zefferelli's film

I'm ancient.