Alexander Averin

Sunday, 8 June 2008

A Task for a Sunny Sunday

A Raindrop on a Broad Bean Leaf

Dear Diary,

D J Kirkby passed on this task for us on this Sunny Sunday.

Just a bit of fun you understand.

Q. What were you doing ten years ago?

We moved here to my little old blacksmith’s cottage around ten years ago after a few years that I will only describe as ‘personally challenging’. It was the start of a feeling of being totally ‘at home’ and of good times despite more challenges that I had to surmount: two serious accidents and also an operation and treatment for breast cancer. I have come through it all. I am very happy.

We come to this Earth to learn lessons and I guess I chose a difficult path but I hope and pray the path remains fairly even from now on. I’ve learned so much in the last decade, well every decade actually, as I guess we all do, but there have also been a host of blessings along the way. A second and a third granddaughter were born and I have had so much pride in the achievements of both of my children. Also finding more family members, including my late father, five dear half-brothers and a dear half-sister. There are still blessings to be discovered every day and you can read just a few amongst these pages.

I am sorry I have gone on a bit; I was only asked what I was doing ten years ago but felt moved to tell you about the whole decade because so much has happened. I’ve nearly died (twice) but I feel sometimes that I am in heaven on Earth living here in a kind of paradise. As I write this, in brilliant sunshine, sitting in my deckchair on the riverbank, listening to gentle sounds - birdsong and slow-flowing water, watching a buzzard circling over our newly-ploughed field, I know I am truly blessed.

Q. Tell me five things on your ‘To-Do’ List Today

Planting some new plants that M bought for me yesterday at a little local Gardening Club sale.

They are:

A poached egg plant
A heather
A Phlox (just what I had been looking for lately!)
A Lupin (I pray the slugs don’t find it as I’ve lost so many to the little blighters!).

Telling M about my visit last night to see a medium on a one-to-one basis. It was truly amazing, so much so that I am in danger of becoming a little blasé about the accuracy of her readings.

‘Resting’. I was late to bed and drank a little too much of the Black Stuff in the pub last night after visiting the medium. I enjoyed the evening though as it was spent with two very dear friends.

(This links with number 3)
I should be digging out some more ground elder from a ‘long’ bed of the berludy stuff. It’s an exhausting job and it’s not the weather for it. Far too hot. I am writing this instead, inspired by D J. (Thanks!)

Tonight. Catching up with the reading of blogs. I am so behind as my computer motherboard died on me last week after a lightning strike.

Q. What snacks do you enjoy?

Very Strong Cheese and biscuits, Cheese Melts or Oatcakes, pickled onions/home-pickled shallots, with wine, Guinness or a good Real Ale.

Buttery popcorn.

1000 on a Raft as Eric Clapton calls it (Beans on toast).

Chips and mayonnaise.

A sandwich made for me with home-made bread, salad, raw or spring onion, nice tomatoes, rocket/lettuce and mayonnaise. I hate making sandwiches; I would almost rather cook a meal.

Sometimes something eggy is called for: on toast or boiled, omelletted, anything really.

Pancakes are good too.

For me the best snacks are more likely to be savoury ones. Sweet food I see as for times when I am in need of comfort or for really instant energy.

Q. Favourite places?

Where I live.

By my computer

In my bed in my bedroom (obviously)

Where I work.

Countries: Ireland, of course, especially West Cork and I love Great Blasket Island, County Kerry.


English Counties: Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Northumberland.

Welsh counties: Pembrokeshire.

Q. If you won 1 billion dollars, what would you do?

Open an animal sanctuary

Open a healing/retreat centre

Set up charitable projects

Buy a cottage in West Cork
Set up a recording studio there.

Buy a camper van.

Go on courses on subjects that interest me.

(How much is a billion dollars in English? I fear I may have overspent somewhat?).

Q What Places have you Lived in?

West Sussex
Mid Wales

It looks like only four addresses but I have had umpteen moves in my life. I may blog about them one day.

And now, with all this talk of snacks, I am getting very hungry and my tummy is calling for its lunch. What will it be I wonder?

If you have read this far Thank You as I know it’s really Boring Stuff.

Why not have a go yourself; let me know if you do and I’ll pop over and visit you.

Bye for now,
Go mbeannai Dia duit.


Blossomcottage said...

I will give this some thought and try and answer them as well, but I can tell what I was doing 40 years ago today!!!! I was getting married for the first time. Crikey who would have thought I would be doing this today with someone different in my life. Certainly not me.

Faith said...

If I get a chance and lap top stops playng up i might do this too. Yours made interesting reading Cait x

Kaycie said...

Not boring at all, Cait. I loved reading this.

Cowgirl said...

A very enjoyable read, Cait. Totally agree re strong cheese and the well-being/retreat centre!

CAMILLA said...

Hi Cait,

A very enjoable read, hope to come back to this. I love your Diary's Cait.


DJ Kirkby said...

What a wonderful post and lovely, lovely, LOVELY photos! Magic in a post...

Anonymous said...


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