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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Resolutions 2008

I wish you all a Happy New Year

Dear Diary,

Firstly just a few words on Christmas, I am resisting a full-blown rant.

Most words that spring to mind begin with the letter ‘E’.

Excessive being linked to them all… not to mention the waste of food, paper, plastic, energy, time…..

Expense (leading to debt).

Eating (compulsion towards, leading to indigestion).

Enforcement (of jollity, a death to spontaneity, leading to depression).

Finally comes Exhaustion, especially for the females of our species.

But hey-ho it’s 2008, Christmas over at last. Only three hundred and fifty something days to go. Rejoice!

New Year Resolutions, 2008.

Concerning Time.

Does anyone else feel like me? Permanently rushed? Or rather pressured to be rushed? This seems sometimes to be a general state of being, not just a Christmas thing. From now on I want to live in praise of slow. There’s even a book with this title that I bought for my daughter for Christmas. V alerted me to the website and I have ordered the book through the library for myself.

The aforementioned book reminded me of one I bought for both my children last year which was How to be Free by Tom Hodgkinson, it’s a must-read for everyone. (I have mentioned it before in a blog).

Concerning Sleep

I am going to Get More Sleep by indulging in far more Early Nights curled up with a Good Book and I am going to take more occasional Afternoon Naps when the fancy takes me. This is a very important resolution for me as I am in the habit of burning far too much of the midnight oil. It’s hard being a night owl and coming awake at night-time but I am going to try to change my ways for my health’s sake.

Concerning Diet

Also for my health’s sake I am going to eat more vegetarian meals. One of my favourite cookbooks is Rose Elliot’s Cheap and Easy, also mentioned before, I apologise.

I am also intending to drink less alcohol, restricting it to weekends only and sticking to Guinness and wine (but not together).

They all seem to be health-related, here’s one more.

Concerning my Sanity

I am going to watch less TV news. Need I say more?

Concerning the Spirit.

I am going to try and find the time for more regular meditation and relaxation, self-Reiki and the like.

Last but not least I’m going to dance to my own tune, nobody else’s. I most sincerely hope you do too, indeed please take it as my New Year’s wish for you all.

Before I go, a poem..

Will you remember these words, when you grow old?”

“I believe in your lips
but not in your tongue.
Your lips are salubrious
but venomous is your tongue.
It intoxicates those lips,
my guide of an eternal road
through the dark unknown –
a core languid with the burden
of the soul, and a soul languid
with the burden of the core,”
says an infant to the world.

The world whispered,
“My child, in your mother’s womb
you dream that you can make
the world dance, to your own tune;
Suddenly yours eyes open;
and you see the world as it really is,
the dead leaves floating in the wind,
in the human valley, plagued by the
ripening diversity, and decaying unity.”

No, my world!
“I shall never be hopeless,
whatever you may say.
I shall rhyme my life with the
rhythm of the God’s chime, and
row my boat of love over the human’s core
until their stream of abhorrence runs dry,”
sang the infant to the world.

But, my child, said the world,
“Will you remember these words, when you grow old?”

©Bhuwan Thapaliya

Bye for now,
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


Kaycie said...

Those a great resolutions, ones we could all do better by, I'm sure. Good luck!

LittleBrownDog said...

Wise words indeed, Cait - especially dancing to one's own tune. Wishing you a speedy recovery from all Christmas's excesses. And lots of early nights with good books.

Happy New Year!

Faith said...

Hope you stick to them Cait. Lovely picture of a dove/moon but I would like it wouldnt i?

laurie said...

these are all great resolutions, and i could steal a few---more sleep, less alcohol (except guinness and wine), dancing to my own tune...

funny about you being rushed for time. you have such a lovely, calm blog with great music and beautiful pictures. i never feel like you're rushed. i picture you living this beautiful and glorious life, like a princess.

don't tell me it's not true!

Frances said...

Hello on the second day of January in the year 2008, to you Cait!

I do agree with Laurie, in my feeling that you transport to us a relaxed, very unrushed, contemplative state of mind.

If you may be able to achieve in "real" time an more relaxed pursuit of the inevitable 24 hour day in this year, I can only think that your writing will send us even greater peace.

Every one of your resolvings caught my attention. Well, maybe not the wine part, because I do very much enjoy having wine with my dinner ... as I am right now!

Best wishes to you for 2008. xo

Pipany said...

Cait you wonderful lady. I do agree with you about the 'E' list of Christmas but feel obliged to say it can be done differently if you are really determined. We set a truly small budget this year as the pounds were pinching plus we too hate the idea that it is all about spending. I made all the presents for people outside of the children, and in fact many of theirs too. It cost me in time but not pennies. The whole Christmas was full of games and films and walks and fun but at very little expense. Hard work in some ways but lovely too.
Love your list of concernings - every one is a gem and sound advice for us all. think I will print it off and put it on my inspiration board in the sewing room as a reminder if that's ok? Happy New Year to you Cait xxx

snailbeachshepherdess said...

Hi Cait ..well our 'fave' time of the year has passed ...lets blow raspberries at it at last and put it to bed until next December ...where's that spring time?

ChrisH said...

Sounds like a great start to the year - lots I would share, especially that sense of always being rushed.

Verityx said...
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