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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Counting Snowdrops

Cicely Mary Barker

Counting Snowdrops

(For Elizabeth)

On St Brigid’s Day (the saint of poets),
 in the middle of  a blackthorn winter
on a Sun Day, unannounced, unexpected,
uninvited and long given up on,
a trace of sun and golden light crept in
which lifted the moods of both mice and men
but sadly did not linger very long.
By nightfall their hopes were taken hostage
by the chill of an icy Imbolc Moon.

On Candlemas, it is still grey and cold
(which must foretell of warmer days to come?)
I call a friend across the mountains who,
she says, to  dispel her blues, counts snowdrops,
(a stroke of brilliance on her part, truly
 in keeping with my heart). I covet her
 idea, vow to steal it away and keep
a tally of such treasures in my soul.

On St Valentine’s Day (the saint of love)
I creep outside to count my snowdrops and
find  undiscovered blooms hiding  beneath
the rowan and the ash, jewels in newly
minted groups, shining like precious pearls.
I choose to pick only solitary
specimens, just the the ones who stand alone,
virginal, fragile, as yet unnoticed,
they call out  to me and seem to yearn  to
be with their kind, up close amongst the rest.

Cait O’Connor


ds said...

Cait, this is beautiful. Wishing I had snowdrops to count... Thank you.

elizabethm said...

Beautiful Cait. There is something calming and gentle and meditative about the methodical counting of snowdrops. I love your poem.

JeannetteLS said...

I don't know why, but this just made my eyes fill... in a GOOD way. Lovely.

Frances said...

Cait, again I visit here, read your poetry, and will depart with a view and a memory that I will store as if it were my own.


Reena Walkling said...

What a beautiful poem. Glad you stopped by so I could discover you!

Fire Byrd said...

I love the snowdrop fairy, well actually I love all of the flower fairies!
Lovely evocative words to help brighten the days in the same way the snowdrops in my garden make me smile.

Foxglove Lane said...

I love that concept, counting snowdrops and won't forget it. Also to choose to pick the ones alone, and somehow reflect feelings we have for them as other beings. Beautiful. x

Ruth said...

Oh to have something to count as beautiful as snowdrops, and tuck them away for safe blessing-keeping. Lovely, Cait.

Angela Bell said...

I have just been catching up with your blog Cait,I love your post.The pictures ,the poems etc are all things I also appreciate. Thanks for droppinin on me too!