Alexander Averin

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Round Tuit

Ever wished you had one of these?

I found one in a local Oxfam shop.

(can you spot the missing word though?)


Kath said...

I bought my husband one, years ago. Sorry to say it didn;t work!

Elizabeth said...

Very witty!
please do not get me one......I prefer to procrastinate.
Happy weekend.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Oh, no! No more excuses!

Fennie said...

Years ago I came across the 'Round Tuit.' And now this is the second time I have encountered it in a week.
Somebody must be making them again.
It reminds me of the Spanish delegation visiting Stornaway. Spaniards and Islanders are swopping cultural anecdotes and the spaniards ask whether the islanders have a phrase corresponding to 'Maniana, maniana'
The Provost thinks and then opines 'I don't think we have anything that would convey quite the same sense of urgency.'

Aqeela said...

This is something which would suit me perfectly, im always putting things off for when i have more time / money / bigger house etc etc, its a real problem i have but im really trying to work on it!
Aqeela xx