Alexander Averin

Thursday 3 July 2014

Recommended Blog Post

Occasionally I like to recommend a particular blog post that has touched me in some way.

This is one such post.

There are swear words, you have been warned.  I think if I had written it there would be swear words too.

The blog is Frugal Queen,  here is the link


Friko said...

Yes Cait, definitely worth taking to heart.

Mac n' Janet said...

I read it and agree, people can be so heartless.

Elizabeth said...

An excellent post from FRUGAL!
Thanks for pointing me in the direction of it.
The current thing that upsets me in the US is the horrible treatment some people mete out to the wretched sad souls who cross America's southern border - often unaccompanied children - sent to escape violence .
Obviously we cannot have a completely open border, but we should treat refugees with compassion while we get things sorted.
Anyway, I linked to your post about writing in my most recent blog!

A Cuban In London said...

Thanks a lot for that.

Greetings from London.