Alexander Averin

Thursday 17 July 2014




Mac n' Janet said...

I've just finished reading The Guns of August about the first world war and I couldn't agree more. What scares me even more is that the mentality that led to that one and the next is still alive and well.

Cait O'Connor said...

Yes - wouldn't you think Man would have learned by now? I despair.

My Maine Blog said...

It's a daily sadness for me and I'm sure so many. Everyday when I see another news broadcast I cry...for all the innocent people being killed not only in foreign lands but here in our own country. There are big wars and small wars going on even here in our own city streets and even small towns with no respect for human life, no compassion and no love. Your quote is so poignant and fitting and oh, so, sad. Sad to say our future is not very bright if this senseless killing continues to escalate...even in our own backyards. I pray everyday for peace.

donna baker said...

Humans are not rational beings. And, in the states and other countries, the war making machinery is too big to fail.

Rian said...

As long as people believe that all must share the same beliefs, there will be war.

Love that dog poster on your web page!