Alexander Averin

Saturday 26 April 2014


A Pose, Caught in a Moment

Taken through the kitchen window while I was eating my breakfast this morning


What are moments for?
Moments: over and over they come, they 
haunt us, we wait for them, race through them,
speak of them and waste far too many 
at our peril. We should treat each one as 
special and seize them, not speed them on their way.
Some hours we set apart, planning to be 
happy in. But all moments are Earth’s murmurs 
to be merry and be dreamy  in 
to be forever joyful, never mournful.
What can we live within but hours and minutes, 
days and years? We must still extract each moment,
sense each one and mould it, stretch it out to 
fit us. What form are they, these fragile fragments
of our lives, are they diamonds, squares or circles?
What shape is time? Where does it go? An answer 
to those questions would bring God and all the
angels to claim us, flying over the
fields to carry us away on the wind
and in the briefest of moments we would
be gone.........

Cait O’Connor

(Apologies to Philip Larkin)


ds said...

What shape is time? An excellent & provocative question. As for where it goes, I wish I knew…
Lovely poem, Cait. And I love the photograph. Thank you.

Frances said...

Cait, reading this poem has enriched some of my moments today. You've also tossed me some questions that I'll be thinking about in future moments.

Thank you! xo

Susan Anderson said...

I guess we'll have those answers one day…but I'm in no hurry to meet the angels yet!


PS. I loved your questions…and I found myself imagining each moment as a different shape…diamond, square, etc….some with rounded edges and some pointy. And perhaps some with no edges at all.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

I loved your poem, thoughtful. It made me.....think!



Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Jinksy said...

Those moments are spirals - but it's our choice to view them as expanding, or contracting...