Alexander Averin

Friday 14 December 2007

Peace for Life not just for Christmas

Some people may have not noticed the words that follow. They are not mine. They are the words of Blossom.

I reproduce them, with the author’s permission, along with a very fine poem by the dear late John Denver as they were a comment on my previous blog.

Your reference to the troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan made me think of the Guard of Honour at my niece’s recent wedding. They were all wearing their medals with pride and I asked one young solider what it had been like. He replied:

" I held my best friend in my arms when he died"

There is no answer to that.

I was a great admirer of John Denver and saw him play several times but the moment that stands out in my mind most was when in almost complete darkness, baring a small and pale light, he recited this poem:

Peace Poem

There's a name for war and killing
there's a name for giving in
when you know another answer
for me the name is sin
but there's still time to turn around
and make all hatred cease

and give another name to living

and we could call it peace

And peace would be the road we walk
each step along the way
and peace would be the way we work
and peace the way we play

And in all we see that's different
and in all the things we know

peace would be the way we look
and peace the way we grow

There's a name for separation
there's a name for first and last
when it's all for us or nothing
for me the name is past

but there's still time to turn around
and make all hatred cease
and give a name to all the future
and we could call it peace

And if peace is what we pray for
and peace is what we give
then peace will be the way we are
and peace the way we live

Yes there still is the time to turn around
and make all hatred cease
and give another name to living
and we can call it peace

John Denver

The soldier’s words at the wedding brought tears to my eyes. They speak volumes and will stay with me forever.

I am called to put his words into a poem. For every soldier in the world, especially in an illegal and immoral invasion, is someone’s best friend, someone’s brother, someone’s son.

You could add women to the equation but to my mind women and warfare should never be in harmony. Women bring life into the world, call me sexist or old fashioned if you like but I believe our role should always be that of the peacemaker, our pathway one of nurture and protection.

Below is a video of John Denver reciting the Peace Poem.

Bye for now,
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


Faith said...

I always pray for peace, Cait. Beautiful picture on the youtube, silver light on water.

Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

Maggie Christie said...

There are so many walking among us who have witnessed such terrible things, yet war still persists. We must all pray for peace.

A very timely blog for this season of goodwill and peace to all.

Blossomcottage said...

Thank you so much for finding John Denver and Peace it is still as beautiful as I remember it. November was a month of mixed emotions for me. The beauty of Africa and its wonderful wildlife but the under lying tension and huge poverty has left me with great sadness.
Then my beautiful neice looking so radiant on her wedding day coupled with the young soldier and his comment.
May peace one day come to all, as John Denver hoped and may peace and your God go with you Cait.
Love Blossom

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful. I used to enjoy John Denver's music too as did my brother. A wonderful thing if peace would at last break out, instead of constant war.

Crystal xx

Frances said...

Hello Cait, and many thanks to you and also to dear Blossom for giving us another gateway to thought.

Each of us can bring peace into every connection we have each day we live. Sharing that gift with others may encourage them to pass along the gift.


Tattieweasle said...

As an Army brat this really touched me...

CAMILLA said...

I have always prayed for peace Cait, how wonderful the world would be with this.

I did leave my name on the Pray For Peace day you mentioned to us Cait. I pray for peace, and all that are suffering in the world, regardless of creed or religion.

A very beautiful picture Cait.