Alexander Averin

Sunday 13 June 2010

The Palm Reading

I crept in with sunken palms
chasms of no confidence,
a fortune in my hands for all to see,
a map of lines which I had carried lifelong, hidden,
with an eager, sometimes far too trusting, sympathetic heart.

She swept in on an air of frankincense and cedar
under an aura of rainbows, all sparkled silver and old gold.
Her tourmaline ring hung on red- ribboned silk
for she dowsed and read the tea leaves,
clouds and water, mirrors and a crystal ball.
She even saw weird shapes in dripping, melting wax.
All yielded secrets to her as she scryed.

She said I had a Water hand,
(intuitive and compassionate,
artistic and emotional, but seriously gullible
and far too unworldly for this tainted planet Earth).
My heart line was deeply curvy
(I liked the sound of that)
but I was without any minor lines.
(Well none to speak of).
No crosses or triangles, no sign of little squares.
But then she found the writer’s fork, (quite rare)
which showed a poet's soul
(kind and true with sensitivity).

On my return home, still elated, I created in her name
a bouquet of words, as we poets often love to do.
She knew the lore of flowers, threw runes,
read faces and the Tarot,
always kept her Angel cards at hand.
And when we’d bidden our farewells
and I’d looked deep into her kindly eyes of green
I had no doubt that I  had left with her the secrets
of my very special ‘poet’s life’ of dreams.

Cait O’Connor 2010


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

How wonderful to have a heart line that is "deeply curvy". Marvelous.

And I love your new look here, too.

Frances said...

Cait, I am quite taken with this rainy window you've granted your site.

I also do like the poem, with its line by line revelations of what a palm reader might have seen in the lines of a palm.

You know that I will be back here again very soon.


Lou Archer said...

I like that. I was lost in your words.

JacquiMcR said...

What about Xanadu, but not the olivia newton john version, the sharleen spiteri(unsure of spelling) version. I danced round the kitchen with my five year old niece when this was played on the radio a few weeks ago. Just a thought as you were almost there.Take care - jacqui x

JacquiMcR said...

Hi me again! My husband thinks of himself as a bit of a pop master (was a part-time DJ in college) and has has suggested "Zoom" by Fat Larry's Band. A bit of a throw back to the 80's but not a bad song. Have a lovely evening - jacqui x

Fennie said...

Like the new style blog. But also thre moving poem. Is it about Faith? or maybe others have Angel cards.

Posie said...

Love the new look Cait, and as always the beautiful art work.Lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

Of course you have the writer's fork, and I bet it's distinctive!!x

CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

Wonderful new style blog, and I loved The Moor poem, so too The Palm Reading, such lovely descriptive words.


Marcheline said...

I don't know what to celebrate more... that lovely poem, or the finale of the alphabet songs!

I think both. Wonderful, all of it!

Sam Fox said...

Cait, as ever when I visit, I am capitvated.... am fascinated by what we hold in the palms of our hands, literally!


Reading Tea Leaves said...

Your words weave and caress Cait, just like the Palm Reader's hands. Wonderful prose.

Just to say also that I loved your alphabet songs, and the new look blog too.