Alexander Averin

Thursday 19 December 2013


As you may know I love to take photographs, I especially love to take portraits but for multitudinous reasons I don't post them on the Internet, it' s a shame really but the way of the world. Yesterday however I was in luck as I met several beautiful (and some not quite so beautiful) models who did not voice any objections to either posing for me or show the slightest reluctance for me to share their images with the world.  You will never guess where I found these beauties.  I will reveal all in a future post............... but some of you may possibly guess where they reside.
I am tempted to give a few of them names, they seem to cry out for names and stories.......................


Recognise anyone?


The bike shed said...

Is it the cycle museum at Llandod Wells?

Maria said...

That first photo is quite fascinating. It reminds me of a woman going into a pub to see if her father/husband is drunk again. I got inspiration to write from seeing this.

Relyn Lawson said...

These are absolutely awesome. Do tell me more. That first image stopped me in my tracks!