Alexander Averin

Monday 3 December 2012

Tax Evasion


I wasn’t sure what to blog about today as I am cross about two items in the news. One is the NHS. One concerns the tax evaders like Starbucks, Amazon and Google and all the many others  -  the overpaid individuals as well as companies who have cunning accountants to help them escape paying any tax in this country. This morning I hear a politician saying that they can’t do anything about it because what the tax evaders are doing is not illegal and they can’t do anything about international law.  Well I understand that it is legal but I would like to know who made these international  laws? (Corporations most likely). And why did we not have say in it?

In her next breath this politician says we should be like her and  boycott Amazon, Starbucks and Google. Oh Yes, here we go again,  put the onus on us to change things? (Always 'the victim’s fault, whatever happens' mentality).  I thought we had politicians to act on our behalf?  There is a principle here which should be tackled head on.

Now the government have today found millions of pounds to give the Inland Revenue so they can ‘look at the problem’.  Why should it cost millions? Surely these tax experts already get a salary?  I ask you this, surely it should not be beyond the ability of a country to bring in a law to make all the people pay tax?  It would surely not be opposed by any party.  And if the non tax-payers say they will leave the country, then tough... let them go.  There should never be any acceptable moral or legal reason for the individual to pay taxes on the little s/he earns and the rich to get away with blatant fiddling, because that is what it is.  And every individual and company  not paying a penny in tax should be named and shamed.

And change the law, try governing for the people and not for the corporations.  And that goes for everything in this country, not just this matter.


donna baker said...

Oh Cait, taxes. So unfair. In the US, we are paying over 30% in federal taxes and high state taxes too. They tax us to death. Supposedly, Obama is going to raise taxes on the wealthy, but the average taxpayer is going to pay $2000. to $4000. more in taxes next year. We get no health care either which is through the roof expensive. I guess we all need an address in Monaco.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Cait it seems as if this has always been the way, which is no excuse for it to continue - but the rich and powerful will always look after themselves very well - and I'm afraid politicians and the church also. There will always be a way to hide wealth in so-called 'legitimate' ways. I understand your anger at the unfairness and injustice of it all.