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Thursday 1 December 2011

Jeremy Clarkson

Dear Diary,

So Jeremy Clarkson wants me taken outside and executed in front of my family does he? I have never ever liked the man but I think even with his low standards he has sunk too low with this one and I for one demand that he is sacked from the BBC. I do not wish to contribute in my licence fee to his over-huge salary.

This is what he said:

I would take them [strikers] outside and execute them in front of their families. I would have them all shot.

I mean how dare they go on strike when they have these gilt-edged pensions that are going to be guaranteed, while the rest of us have to work for a living.

I am a member of the union Unison and am off sick at present. I am not in the pension scheme, not all public service workers are, my reason being that at one time I could not afford the contributions and I never opted back in. I am one of the low paid, there are millions of us. However, wherever I sit on this issue, I support anyone’s right to strike.

Dave Prentis, Unison leader’s comments:

Jeremy Clarkson clearly needs a reminder of just who he is talking about when he calls for public sector workers to be shot in front of their families," he added. "Whilst he is driving round in fast cars for a living, public sector workers are busy holding our society together - they save others’ lives on a daily basis, they care for the sick, the vulnerable, the elderly.

Clarkson then went on to comment on people committing suicide on railways, stating:

You just think, why have we stopped because we've hit somebody? What's the point of stopping? It won't make them better.

I wonder how many people have been seriously upset by that statement, the relatives and friends of people who have committed suicide? There must be so many.

I didn't watch the programme and have no idea why he was on it -he was probably trying to sell a book or promote something.

Presenter Matt Baker made an on-air apology for the remark, saying “We are seriously sorry”. A BBC spokesman later declined to add to the issue. The corporation confirmed that they have had 4,769 complaints on Clarkson's comments.

And I can tell you that the number is rising.

Take one man, place him in an old aircraft hangar, surround him with hordes of ignorant worshippers, all made to stand and hang on his every word. Make it seem like a church where he can preach his creed. Have SPEED his GOD (along with HIMSELF of course). Wreck cars for fun. Waste energy and public money hand over fist doing silly stunts in the name of ‘entertainment’. Pay him an obscene amount of public money.

The worrying thing is how many fans he has............but then so did Hitler I guess.

Why not give him a Knighthood as well? He is a friend of David Cameron's after all. His comment was that Jeremy had been ‘silly’.

I would remind Cameron that very immature young men have been imprisoned very recently for the ‘incitement to riot’ by posting somewhat mild remarks on Facebook etc or for stealing a Mars Bar or a bottle of drink from a shop. I consider Jeremy Clarkson's remarks on the One Show to be fascist, a possible incitement to violence and most certainly inflammatory as they could definitely incite violence among certain elements of society. I would like to know what is to be done about his remarks which were made on a prime-time programme that goes out before the watershed and is watched by the general population, many of whom may be influenced by such a man.

Is it one law for the rich and one for the poor? Are we not only being ripped off financially?

This is also the man who went on Who Do You Think You Are and his only concern was in finding a lost fortune with seemingly no interest or emotional response to finding his roots. Sums him up really doesn’t it?

Bye for now,
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


Elizabeth said...

Dear Cait,
Gosh England too!
There seems to be a lot of mean-spiritedness abroad from the rather rich who begrudge the common working person anything at all.
Yes, Clarkson was NOT being funny ( as presumably he supposed) but straight thoughtless and unkind.
I think we have had enough of him.
In the US there is the 1% and then the rest of us.

All that aside, I do hope you feel better soon and know that there are lots of good, kind people out there as well as the complete idiots ......who seem to get too much airtime altogether.

e said...

Clarkson should be sacked and his programme boycotted.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Cait

I do not know much about Jeremy Clarkson, but from reading your post he is a person I would not care for.

Cait~are you on Facebook?

Take Care and get well soon!

Tracy :)

Milla said...

it was an extraordinarily ill-judged thing to say, even for him, gurning King of the gaffe.

DAB said...

Well said Cait

Nan said...

I read this a couple days ago and have thought about it ever since. Awful, awful man. He's a disgrace to his nation and to the world. And he's Cameron's friend???

carole said...

Ghastly, ghastly man, I have always thought so but he has reached a new low. Of course he should be sacked. How do I complain to the BBC? He seems to be so thick skinned that anything would roll straight off him but I would like to have my to find out how to complain!!

CAMILLA said...

I saw that interview and could hardly believe my ears when he said it, outrageous.

Like you Cait I never paid into a pension either when I was nursing, but I totally go along with the Unions.