Alexander Averin

Monday 28 December 2009

From a train, lightly

From a Train, Lightly

Sentinel trees hold sway
standing watch through back-lit mists
across the anonymous valley.
Emerging from the white fog
the outline of a black farmhouse,
I am half expecting
a troubled Cathy or
an emotionally disturbed Heathcliffe
to emerge from the door.

The unseen river
divulges its presence
by a meandering, fluid cloud
of pale grey.
Flat flood-mirrors
grip leafless trees against
a pink-silver streaked sky
as the rumour of a sun becomes clear.

Dawn, ageless beauty, exits
a la droit
as startled sheep again scatter
from the nant’s edge.
We are speeding now towards the light
still hidden by the ubiquitous hills.
A lonely, lost heron mistakes a puddle
for a breakfast pond.

©Christopher Challener December 2009


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...


Frances said...

Thank you, Cait.

I read the poems three times through, and liked it better each time.

Now, my mind is bringing back to me many views I have had through train windows in many parts of the world. In day and night, so many fleeting views are captured in a second.


CAMILLA said...

Lovely descriptive words to the wonderful Poem Cait, thank you for sharing with us.


Friko said...

The poet is completely new to me. Do you know anything about him?
I find this poem very evocative, with beautiful imagery.

Cait, I see that you have me in your bloglist; would you mind following me on my blog too, please. Clicking the Google Friend Connect button would do it.

Susan Moorhead said...

A poem referencing Wuthering Heights? Wonderful :)

Chris Stovell said...

Beautiful - and a new poem to me.
Happy New Year to you and yours, cait. Cx

Tattieweasle said...

I love that delicious rythmn one feels when looking out of ttrain windows - poetry compliments it perfectly!

ds said...

Lovely poem; thanks so much for sharing (I don't know the poet, either.)

Happy New Year, Cait! All good things to you.

Pondside said...

Happy New Year Cait! I was so glad to read your good news - what a lovely way to start out 2010.