Alexander Averin

Thursday 8 October 2009

National Poetry Day

Dear Diary,

Anyone else watching Criminal Justice? I don't know why I put myself through such agony every night but I have started so I shall have to finish and watch two more episodes even though something tells me it is going to get much much worse.

Just a quick post today before I go off to work - it is National Poetry Day after all so I feel obliged to post a wee poem; here is my latest piece of homework for my writing group.

Enjoy the day and do seek out a poem for there are many treasures out there.


One room contains him now
along with his commode,
his trouser press,
closet and chiffonier.
Tired of television and reading books on Hannibal,
he sits alone by the secretaire
and writes out his memoirs,
a transcript of a life that’s draining away,
somewhere down life’s plughole.
He mulls a lot on its proverbial depths
and other such foolish factors
yet still has faith in all his dreams
knowing there is richness enough
in profits from pastimes,
past periods of peace,
past friends,
past loves
and memories.
The third age crept up on him
but was welcomed like a new friend,
a true one,
honest and entirely straight,
its outstretched hand leading him gently to the end.
or rather to a passing-out, a returning to a light,
the home from whence he came.

Cait O’Connor


The bike shed said...

Very good - a nice interlude to my morning.

Got to dash to a meeting now...ZZZ

Frances said...

Hello Cait.

Thank you for letting me start my day with a fine poem. Much to reflect upon there.

I admit that I was not aware of National Poetry Day ... perhaps it is only granted to your nation? I will be on the look out today for signs of poetry around these parts.


Irish Eyes said...

Beautiful Cait, a lovely start to today. Thank you also for your kind comments on my blog, the top picture is of Slea Head [guess where!!!!!] and I took it while on hols this July. Tra Lí abú!

Tattieweasle said...

Very poignant. A lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant poem,which resonates with me for various reasons right now. Thankyou so much for sharing it. (Birmingham today appointed their annual poet laureate - for B'ham); his 'poetry wasn't a patch on yours.

Withy Brook said...

A beautiful and feeling poem, Cait.
Thank you for a lovely ending to my day.

Carah Boden said...

Lovely poem Cait :). I love it's shape too.

I didn't realise it was National Poetry Day today, but funnily enough, I've been watching Criminal Justice too (painfully) and it 'inspired' me to write a poem yesterday. I posted it on my blog. I have very strong feelings about abuse/rape (especially within marriage). More common than many would like to believe - and the line between rape and consensual sex sometimes very blurred in these circumstances.

Tim Atkinson said...

What a wonderful poem, Cait -hypnotic!

DAB said...

I like the poem too :) TFx

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this Cait.Lovely.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

A lovely poignant poem Cait.

This post is very late I know but just to say that I watched Criminal Justice too and felt wretched at the end. It really wasn't the ending I had hoped for. A raw, hard-hitting drama, very well acted and as with previous stories, all the characters were portrayed in an honest uncompromising way ... great stuff!

As a poetry lover, you may be interested in popping over for my Monday Poem post, not my own material but favourite poems with accompanying photos that I hope readers will enjoy.

Have a good weekend. Jeanne x

CAMILLA said...

A very poignant lovely Poem you have wrote there Cait, you are a wonderful writer, have you had many Poems published?

There is a writer/poet who has a slot on the TV whose name escapes me, but wonderful programme, the last one I saw was of a lady Welsh poet who is no longer alive, think the writer is based in Wales too.